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Murielle Banackissa

Weekend Treats

To me, the weekend is sacred. It is the time of the week, where I get to unwind and immerse myself in creative tasks like painting, diy-ing, journaling, and going on walks to capture the beauty of my neighbourhood.

It is also the time of the week where I can really slow down and spend a few hours in the kitchen to take the time to create a special dish. It’s when making yeasted dough becomes an act of conscious creation and letting my cream pies set in the fridge for a few hours the ultimate act of love: for food, for myself, and loved ones.

In this roundup, you will find recipes that might take a little extra time and attention to put together. I encourage you to grab a glass of your favorite beverage on Friday night and browse through the recipes in this section. Select one (or more!) and set a specific time during the weekend to bring it to life. If you can pair this cooking process with some of your favorite songs, it will be even more special!

Coconut cake topped with whipped cream being sprinkled with toasted coconut.
Pumpkin Butter rolls in a tray
2 hours 35 mins Serves 8
Pumpkin Butter Rolls
Plate of risotto garnished with cooked wild mushrooms and fresh sage.
1 hour Serves 4
Wild Mushroom Risotto
egan Eggs Benedict with silky nut free hollandaise
45 mins Serves 4
Vegan Eggs Benedict
Chocolate Espresso Tart garnished with coconut whipped cream.
8 hours 30 mins Serves 12
Chocolate Espresso Tart
Overhead shot of maple poached scones
1 hour 10 mins Serves 8
Maple Poached Plum Scones
Apple bourbon pop tart, cut in half with center showing
1 hour 10 mins Serves 8
Apple Bourbon Pop Tarts
Maple syrup being poured onto a stack of vegan French toast served with caramelized bananas, strawberries, and pecans
30 mins Serves 4
Rustic French Toast
08_07_Coconut Rum Pie-732-Edit
7 hours 30 mins Serves 10
Coconut Rum Cream Pie
Chocolate hazelnut buns in a pan surrounded by whole hazelnuts
2 hours 30 mins Serves 10
Chocolate Hazelnut Rolls
Slice of vegan napoleon cake on a glass plate
9 hours Serves 8
Vegan Napoleon Cake
Coconut Cake on a sand surrounded by fresh coconuts and dried toasted coconut
1 hour 45 mins Serves 10
Coconut Lovers’ Cake
Dulce de Leche Thumbprint Cookies
2 hours 15 mins Serves 12
Dulce de Leche Thumbprint Cookies
Chai Latte Yogurt Scones
2 hours 35 mins Serves 6
Chai Latte Scones